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The Vinegar

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is produced in the only Modena province starting from fermented cook grape juice aged inside wooden barrels made with different organic woods of the area. It is produced only from typical grapes of Modena and bottled in one only bottle designed by Giugiaro. The production is very limited and it is protected by the P.D.O.
It is used on every kind of dish like meat, cheese, vegetables, even ice cream and fruits.

Honey and Vinegar

Noble union that belongs to our ancient tradition to exalt the flavors and properties of two healthy products: Traditional Balsamic Vinegar aged 15 years and virgin raw Acacia honey produced in the Apennines just a few miles away from our farm.
Aromas of one do not overwhelm the flavors of the other and this very special union is perfect on whatever dish.
It has a large use on meat, before and after cooking it, cheese, ricotta cheese, yogurt, desserts and fruits. It becomes a natural energy drink, when melted in worm water, good for children, elderly and in sports practice. It is also good for cough and sore throat.


Natural sweetener, called “the honey of poor people” at ancient Romans’ times, it is obtained by a long time cooking of grape juice and it is characterized by noble nutritional properties, rich in vitamins and mineral salts.
We recommend you to use it on meats, cheese, ricotta cheese, yogurt, Christmas and Easter desserts, and cheesecake.
It strengthen the body so it is good (drank in a water) for children, elderly and in sports practice.







All our jams are produced with genuine and natural fruit with addition of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar aged 15 years and just little sugar. They are all produced in the traditional way in little quantity with no jelly, preservatives and aromas added to ensure and exalt the natural flavors of fruit.





Wines & Liqueurs

Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro, a simple scented wine good for the everyday life on our table. It can be combined with all kind of dishes. The dry one turns out to be very pleasant with pasta, meat and fish. The sweeter one is perfect with desserts, fruits and aperitif