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Your own “Batteria”

You can also buy from Acetaia Boni your own “Batteria” and produce your own Traditional Balsamic Vinegar.
The batteria is composed of 7 barrels made with different woods:

10 liters Cherry
10 liters Oak
15 liters Cherry
20 liters Chestnut
30 liters Oak
40 liters Chestnut
50 liters Oak

The barrels themselves will remain in the Acetaia Boni and we will take care of them everyday until they get the D.O.P. (12 years). Every year we will provide you 15 bottles of 15 years old Traditional Balsamic Vinegar in the Giugiaro bottle. After 12 years you will produce your own Traditional Balsamic Vinegar and you will get the chance to take vinegar out of your Batteria.